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A drill with a V8 engine has been created

The author of the YouTube channel Lets Learn Something, whose work is followed by more than a million subscribers, has created a drill powered by an internal combustion engine.

To do this, he took the body of a cordless impact wrench and built a traditional internal combustion engine into it. More precisely, I installed the engine on top.

For this purpose, a 28 cc nitro V8 Toyan engine with a power of about 4.3 hp, usually used in modeling, was used. This motor can reach up to 12,500 rpm, which is enough to drill through metal with ease.

The author had to not only build the engine, but also attach a cartridge to the shaft, install a motor cooling system, create a throttle control system using a standard button, and also design a new housing for the battery for the engine starter.

A drill with a V8 engine has been created