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Uber becomes profitable for the first time

The Uber service has long become something extremely common and familiar to residents of many countries. The company appeared back in 2009. Interestingly, all the time since Uber went public in 2019, the company was unprofitable, and now it finally finished the year with a profit for the first time.

The company reported for the 2023 financial year, for which it received $1.89 billion in net profit. For comparison, the company ended 2022 with a loss of $9.1 billion!

True, profit was not so easy for Uber. She fired a huge number of employees, cut costs and resorted to a number of other methods.

As for other indicators, revenue increased from 31.88 to 37.28 billion dollars, the number of trips increased by 24%, to 9.45 billion.

Uber becomes profitable for the first time