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Leaders in the field of e-commerce will gather again at the “Ecom and Wine” meetup

On February 16, an informal meeting of economic directors of large retail chains will be held in Moscow. This time experts will discuss Customer Experience and personalization in ecom.

The second meeting “Ecom and Wine” will be held on February 16 in Moscow, at the office of the AGIMA company. Experts from Russia's largest retail chains will discuss customer experience, sales funnels, personalization of search and product offerings. And most importantly, they will consider metrics and approaches to using big data that will help increase sales.

The organizers of the event, AGIMA and Ensi, invited even more participants and speakers to the meeting. Among them:

Anatoly Mokhov, ecom expert, ecom director, Rostelecom, ex Eldorado;

Ivan Burmistrov, head of marketing analytics department, TSUM;

Konstantin Brovka, Head Of Digital Marketing, Detsky Mir;

Lyudmila Pak, Product Director,;

Victoria Levena, Analytics Director, AGIMA;

Nona Harutyunyan, Head of Analytics, Ensi & Ensi Cloud.

The meeting will be held in two stages: a round table discussion, and then an interactive business game. The organizers also promise a lot of live communication, good drinks and delicious food. The meeting will again be closed - only for ecom directors and CMOs. All applications for the event will be moderated.

You can find out more details and register for the meetup on the “Ecom and Wine” page.

Leaders in the field of e-commerce will gather again at the “Ecom and Wine” meetup