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In iOS 17.4, the battery cycle counter will be moved to a more logical place

Starting with iOS 17.4, which is currently in beta, the battery cycle counter will be moved from Settings General About This Device to the more logical Battery Health section (under Settings "Battery"). Let's remember that Apple introduced a battery charge cycle counter in iOS 17, but since it is located in a very unobvious place, many owners still do not know about its existence.

As we previously reported, Apple previously said iPhone 15s could retain 80% of their original battery capacity after 1,000 charge cycles, double the company's previous estimate.

Until February 20, Apple's online support documents stated that iPhone batteries retained 80% of their initial full charge after 500 charge cycles. But after the company re-tested the long-term battery health of its 2023 smartphones—iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max—it found that they could retain 80 percent capacity after 1,000 cycles.

Apple says its testing included charging and discharging batteries 1,000 times under certain conditions, as well as a battery of tests reflecting normal use. As for doubling the estimate without any physical or software changes, the company attributes this to continuous improvements to the battery components and iOS power management.

For older iPhones (until 2023), the original estimate of retaining 80% capacity after 500 charge cycles remains valid—at least for now. Apple said it is looking into whether to update ratings for older models.

In iOS 17.4, the battery cycle counter will be moved to a more logical place