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1024 MUSA cores and 4 GB memory for $55

Sales of the Chinese video card Moore Threads MTT S30 started in China today. Judging by the teaser pictures, the developers seriously believe that it can be used for games and for working with 3D graphics.

Moore Threads MTT S30 is equipped with a GPU with 1024 MUSA cores at 1.3 GHz and has 4 GB of memory with a 128-bit bus. TDP - 40 W. Video outputs include one HDMI 2.0 and one D-Sub. The length is 144 mm, width is 67 mm.

The video card supports the AV1 codec and common graphics APIs (OpenGL, OpenGL ES and Vulkan), it allows you to display images with 4K resolution. By the way, recently Moore Threads updated the driver for Windows, which now includes support for MTT S30.

1024 MUSA cores and 4 GB memory for $55