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Russia - Doctor Sosedova warned of the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus in 2023

Russia (, - Two years of the pandemic have shown that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, trying to adapt in the human population, mutates at a tremendous speed. And this means that another version of it will soon be discovered, biophysicist Nelli Sosedova is sure.

On the air of Sputnik radio, she said that the strain that appeared after the "omicron" would spread across the planet at an even greater speed. But its pathogenicity will decrease. "The new strain will retain the main characteristics of omicron, but will become lighter in its flow," the expert shared her opinion.

Virologists have repeatedly said that any parasite (including SARS-CoV-2) is “beneficial” if its carriers get sick, but do not die. “He needs a symbiosis with the host, it is important for him that the person gets sick and transmits it further. Then the virus can become seasonal, like influenza, SARS and adenovirus,” Sosedova explained.

According to her, in two years there were about ten mutations of the coronavirus, of which four are large. The next option should be expected at the beginning of next year, the biophysicist suggested.

Virologist Petr Chumakov also believes that Omicron is not the last strain of SARS-CoV-2. The virus will continue to develop. And, judging by its evolution, it is worth waiting for an even more contagious version.

The expert recalled that the first victims of the virus were elderly citizens and people with chronic diseases, then he "switched" to the young, and at the very end he "got" to the children. "Omicron" broke the immune system in everyone. This is how the virus adapted to the human population, Chumakov concluded.

Russia - Doctor Sosedova warned of the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus in 2023