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Ryazan activist explained why he asked Tarantino to save the Pasternak House

Residents of the city of Kasimov decided to shoot a video message to director Quentin Tarantino with a request to help restore the house of uncle Boris Pasternak, because they want to preserve the history and make the city a tourist destination. This was told by Dmitry Detinov, an activist and blogger from Kasimov who took part in the filming.

“This is our last chance to save the house! There is a video on the OTR channel, where the head of the city, Galina Ivanovna Abramova, from 2019, clearly says that the building is dilapidated and destroyed, but we have this site as an investment site near the city, and if an investor comes, she will build some kind of building, we will ask him to place a sign on this building that Pasternak once came here. Other cities create history, some kind of legend from scratch, but we now have a living history that needs to be invested in, just work out, work, raise your ass and get a good place, firstly, for tourist attraction, in Secondly, to preserve the historical memory,” he said.

Detinov stressed that Kasimov is a city with a rich history, but "it hurts to live in it now." According to the activist, if the city is improved, then tourists from all over the world can go there.

“We have a city of two cultures, this year it is 870 years old. Our city is very interesting, rich, with its own history, where Russian and Tatar cultures coexist peacefully. We have a mosque with a minaret of the 15th century, after the annexation of Crimea, it became the third in antiquity. They just need to be dealt with, you need to brush off the dust a little with a brush, and it will be a city that will be visited not only from all over Russia, but from all over the world. This is a unique pearl 270 kilometers from Moscow. And plus, through Pasternak, we declared ourselves loudly like this, attracted attention, and maybe this will give impetus to the development of the city. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts to live in Kasimov now,” he said.

The blogger added that the city administration did not know about the filming of the video, because the residents wanted to "make an effect." Detinov specified that most residents of Kasimov liked the video message.

“We kept it a secret. This was filmed at the end of September last year. Svetlana Vasilievna Andreeva at that time had just taken office. head of administration Kasimov. But we did not discuss this topic with her, we did not ask these questions precisely in order to produce this very effect, which we achieved. Our entire team has warm feelings for Svetlana Vasilievna, and I understand that if we need help, she will help us. Residents are mostly supportive, but there are also couch critics who say: “Oh, what is Quentin Tarantino, it’s funny, where is Kasimov and where is Tarantino, you would also write to the Queen of England.” But 90% of people understand, support, they also want to keep this story,” he explained.

As Detinov said, the decision to turn to Tarantino was caused by the desire to "put pressure on patriotism."

“Tarantino is a connoisseur of history, a connoisseur of Pasternak. Second, it's purely to effect. Agree, how is it - our Russia with a surplus budget in the city, which can give money for armaments, the transfer of troops, exercises. And here at Pasternak's house, to restore history. The person is a Nobel laureate in literature, one of five, a significant person, a person who refused this Nobel Prize, and we are asking for help not from our state, but somewhere abroad, so that they can help. This is to put some pressure on patriotism. We are all adults, we are already over 30, we were driven only by cold calculation, ”he specified.

Pasternak's uncle Osip Kaufman worked as a doctor at the Kasimov hospital. According to some literary critics, the writer used his image when creating the character of Yuri Andreevich from Doctor Zhivago.

In a video message, activists report that local officials are refusing to restore the building due to a lack of funds. They ask the American director to help preserve "a piece of pre-revolutionary Russia."

Ryazan activist explained why he asked Tarantino to save the Pasternak House