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Mosques of Kuzbass are preparing for an ice fight in felt boots

In the mosques of the Kemerovo region, preparations have started for the bandy tournament in felt boots between the teams of Muslim organizations of the regional Spiritual Administration of Muslims. Team members go to training and get ready to fight for the cup of the Spartakiad DUMCO, which is scheduled for February 26.

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- The idea of ​​organizing the annual sports days of the Spiritual Board in hockey on felt boots arose from the "USSR Cup" - a tournament of teams of national diasporas, which used to be held annually in the regional center, - Rubin Munirov, imam of the Kemerovo mosque, told news agency. - We actively participated in the USSR Cup, in particular, I was the captain of the Kazakhstan team, and the players in the team were Kazakh students from the Kosh-Agach district of the Altai Republic. Five years ago we decided to organize our own annual tournament between Muslim organizations. We have a lot of athletes, and contrary to popular belief that the strongest players in the regional center, last year, for example, the first place was taken by the team of the Zimnik village mosque.

The fight for the DUMCO Cup promises to be hot. Teams of ten mosques of Kuzbass are preparing for the battle on the ice. The Games will be held in the city of Novokuznetsk and timed to coincide with the celebration of the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam by the Volga Bulgaria.

Mosques of Kuzbass are preparing for an ice fight in felt boots