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Russia - The first robot complex in Russia for the production of aircraft parts has been created

Russia (, - A team of scientists from Novocherkassk has created a high-tech robotic complex, which is the first in Russia to produce parts for civil and military aircraft.

As told at the South Russian State Polytechnic University, so far, equipment from Spanish and French manufacturers is operating at domestic aircraft manufacturing plants and enterprises of the military-industrial complex, which costs tens of billions of rubles. However, the time is not far off when it will be replaced by the Novocherkassk development. And in Russia they will be able to produce composite parts of any complexity using their own software.

- The first Russian complex for the production of parts from composite materials by the method of automated laying out of dry carbon tape has been created, which works entirely on domestic raw materials and solves the problem of import substitution at enterprises of the military-industrial complex and civil aircraft manufacturing, - said Vladimir Marinin, project manager.

So far, the complex is automatically laying out a flat carbon canvas measuring one meter by eight meters. But it can also produce parts of complex shape, including those with double curvature - parts of skin, panels, spars, wing parts.

- What is a composite material? Dry carbon tape. The product is formed in layers. The tape is laid on the surface with a laser and sintered with the previous layer. In general, the product can have up to 400 layers, one layer lies on the other and a thickness of several centimeters is gained. This is a very complex technological process, - explains Alexander Savin, a leading employee of the institute.

Carbon fiber sheets are widely used in the aviation industry. They are sheathed on the fuselages and wings of aircraft. For example, they were used in the creation of a new Russian medium-haul passenger aircraft MS-21. But so far with the help of foreign development. The Russian complex, in terms of technical characteristics, is already superior in performance to foreign counterparts. So, French equipment operates at speeds up to 30 meters per minute. The domestic analogue can weave 45 meters per second of composite fabric or six kilograms; for comparison, an aircraft wing weighs about a ton per hour. And, as Vladimir Marinin specified, it significantly reduces the cost of industrial production.

The device has passed preliminary tests and will soon go to the site of the aircraft building plant in Ulyanovsk or the Moscow Aviation Institute, where it will be used to develop the technology for manufacturing individual aircraft structural elements, including for the production of the center section and wing panels of the Russian MS-21. If the complex successfully passes the tests, it will also be used in the production of drones. Know-how can also be used in the rocket industry, shipbuilding and automotive industry. According to the rector of the university Yuri Razorenov, in terms of technical characteristics, the import-substituting equipment exceeded the planned indicators in preliminary tests.

Russia - The first robot complex in Russia for the production of aircraft parts has been created