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Russia - Insurers will support those who have recovered from covid

Russia (, - Insurers have begun to include post-COVID rehabilitation in voluntary medical insurance (VHI) policies, several large companies said. Thus, Ingosstrakh has developed several levels of support for those who have been ill - from examination after an infection to rehabilitation of various sizes.

"Events for basic diagnostics after COVID are included in the coverage for all corporate insured persons, rehabilitation measures - as an additional option or insurance program," said Dmitry Popov, Deputy General Director for Voluntary Health Insurance at Ingosstrakh. and medical procedures (physiotherapy exercises, massage, physiotherapy).

For those who have had COVID-19 with an extremely severe course (if no rehabilitation was carried out on an outpatient basis), an option is provided for inpatient treatment for the purpose of rehabilitation. “The program includes consultations of specialized specialists, laboratory tests, as well as a complex of physiotherapy procedures, massage and exercise therapy,” said Yulia Galanicheva, head of the strategic program for the Medicine block at VSK.

Post covid syndrome can last up to a year. Symptoms include shortness of breath, impaired sense of smell and taste, fatigue and irritability

Some insurers do not provide post-COVID rehabilitation as a separate option, but provide it as part of the standard coverage under the VHI policy. “The consequences of the coronavirus disease are difficult to separate from the reasons for which the insured under VHI policies traditionally apply. People who have recovered from the coronavirus generally do not associate the reason for going to the doctor with the disease,” explained Olesya, director of personal insurance underwriting at Soglasie Sabanov.

Individual market participants have developed packaged products for individuals who, after suffering a disease, will be able to use the full range of necessary diagnostic and treatment procedures, said Dmitry Kuznetsov, Vice President of the All-Russian Union of Insurers. Post-COVID rehabilitation can also be part of other insurance products. For example, in "Rosgosstrakh" it is included in the boxed product for cancer insurance.

Almost two-thirds of Russian doctors regularly see patients with a need for rehabilitation after suffering COVID-19, a survey conducted by Rosgosstrakh Zhizn, Rosgosstrakh and Doctor at Work showed. The term "post-covid syndrome" is included in the international classification of diseases as "a condition after suffering COVID-19". The diagnosis is made in patients who do not have other diseases that could explain the disorders that have appeared. According to Rospotrebnadzor, this condition can last up to a year. Patients are often concerned about shortness of breath, impaired smell and taste, fatigue, irritability, and digestive disorders. Many patients have significant impairment of cognitive functions (intelligence, ability to perform their work and household duties).

According to insurers, the bulk of the VHI portfolio is still made up of corporate clients, while the number of individual clients has also gradually increased in 2021. "They account for 5.3% of the amount of accrued insurance premiums (fees). The number of individual clients increased by 21%," said Dmitry Popov.

In 2021, according to insurers, medical institutions increased the cost of services by 15-30%. According to Alexander Lapunov, director of the department of underwriting and methodology of voluntary medical insurance at AlfaStrakhovanie, the cost of policies will grow as part of general inflation in the medical industry.

Russia - Insurers will support those who have recovered from covid