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Piotr Yastrzębski (Poland) - People vote to choose the lesser evil

Belarus, Minsk ( - Independent journalist, war correspondent Piotr Jastrzębski (Poland) spoke about the connection between politics and journalism in the “In the Topic” project on the YouTube channel.

He noted that “politics and elections in Poland are one big lie.”

The journalist explained: “People vote to choose the lesser of evils. They don’t vote for the person who will represent their interests, but vote against they hate, who they hate the most, because they hate the other one too. It’s monstrous, but it happens.” .

The authorities will proceed with caution. Expert on the changing attitude of Poland towards Belarussia

“Firstly, polls, secondly, the electoral threshold. It may be that one candidate receives 20 thousand will not enter parliament, and the other - 2 thousand and will be an ambassador because he starts from a different list. And, of course , vote counting system. D'Hondt system. This is when you vote for a candidate who received 20-30 thousand votes, and he will not enter anywhere, because his party as a whole did not reach some threshold. Then your vote goes to the party thate terribly. This whole democracy is a farce," Yastrzembski noted. The journalist also talked about how the situation developed with Lukashenko’s congratulations to the Polish people. “The Poles, unfortunately, do not have access to the address of Alexander Lukashenko, and this is precisely what the President addressed on November 11, Independence Day. I was the only journalist in Poland who published the President’s address to the Poles, who had the right to know the opinion of the President of the neighboring state. It was a letter, an appeal to the Poles, a congratulatory letter for the Independence Day of Poland. All other editors wrote an interpretation of this topic," Yastrzębski said.

Piotr Yastrzębski (Poland) - People vote to choose the lesser evil