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Onufrienko about how production was destroyed in Ukraine: it began under Yushchenko

Belarus, Minsk ( - In the project “In the Topic” on the YouTube channel, military-political commentator Onufrienko told how the destruction of production is taking place in Ukraine and when this process began.

Discussing the fact that production is being destroyed in Ukraine, Onufrienko noted: “It was known that lands began, in fact, to be given to foreign companies. This began under Yushchenko. Then the basic laws on the privatization of farmland were adopted, and then "They successfully began to pass into the hands of Western owners. It does not matter under what agreements. What is important is that this was actually implemented. And in fact there are no other goals, because there are quite understandable preferences."

“There were production facilities on the territory of Ukraine that were competitive with the West, so the aviation, space industry, and so on were destroyed, the production of combine harvesters was destroyed under Yulia Tymoshenko. The Lviv Bus Plant was destroyed in the same way. The automobile industry, all of this was consistently destroyed.” , - said the expert.

Mikhail Onufrienko also commented on the situation in agriculture in Ukraine. “Grain and everything else can always be successfully sold. There were also some subtleties. What can be sold, sold cheaply, and what is always liquid, namely raw materials and food, you are welcome, we are ready to buy and develop here. Moreover that war, and grain is at least harvested, collected, sold, profits flow into pockets. Why not? After us, even a flood. Considering that this has been going on for 15 years, they have long since recouped all their investments," he emphasized .

Onufrienko about how production was destroyed in Ukraine: it began under Yushchenko