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Russian biathlete commented on ten misses in the race at the Olympics

Russian biathlete Uliana Nigmatullina admitted that she could not explain ten misses in the individual race at the Beijing Olympics. The words of the athlete are reported by Match TV.

“Conditions at the turn were ideal. They were almost exactly the same as on sighting. Only the wind has slightly decreased. I started with one miss on the first turn, because there was a shift due to the weakening of the wind. Although she worked carefully. What happened next was something I didn't understand. I drew conclusions from the first line and then fired with a slight offset to the right, ”said Nigmatullina.

The Russian biathlete finished 78th in the 15K individual race with ten misses, 9 minutes and 29.4 seconds behind German Denise Herrmann.

German biathlete Herrmann won the individual race at the Olympics 2022 Olympics According to the Russian woman, the bronze in the mixed relay was supposed to "give a charge" in the individual race. “I was quite charged with the move, but I don’t know how it turned out in the end. I don’t think that the relay race prevented me, but something else ... Maybe the physical condition, ”said Nigmatullina.

The best result among Russians was shown by Kristina Reztsova, who took ninth place.

Nigmatullina and Reztsova as part of the Russian team on February 5 became bronze medalists in the mixed relay.

The next race - a 7.5 km sprint - will be held by the biathletes on February 11.

Russia has the second gold at the Olympics. What happens at the Games.

Russian biathlete commented on ten misses in the race at the Olympics