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The match between Russia and Canada started an hour later

Russia (, - The Russian national hockey team lost to Canada with a score of 1:6 in the match of the Olympic tournament. However, after the game, its result was remembered last.

In women's hockey, the confrontation between the national teams of Russia and Canada is not as fundamental as in men's. All because today our hockey players and “maple leaves” are objectively in different weight categories in terms of skill. The Canadian team, along with the American team, are the flagships of women's hockey, the ultimate dream of Russians so far is the "bronze" of major tournaments.

Therefore, the match Russia - Canada at the women's Olympic tournament was expected as an ordinary one, but it ceased to be even before the starting face-off. It all started at the "Ukeson Arena" in an everyday way. Both teams went to the pre-match rolling. However, the Beijing morning ceased to be languid, when only the Russian team appeared on the ice a few minutes before the match.

At first, everything looked like a deliberate demarche of North American women. Like, the Canadians refused to play until the data on the negative tests that the Russians passed in the morning come. True, this version was denied by the head coach of the Canadian team Troy Ryan after the match. "I didn't even know what the original problem was. We were just told that the match could be postponed."

As a result, the match still took place, but with an hour delay. Both teams took to the ice in medical masks. The official explanation of all these strange events did not appear until some time after the end of the game. It turned out that the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) made the decision to delay the match and to hold it in masks.

"Both teams passed the tests in advance in the morning in full accordance with the tournament regulations - before 9.00 local time. However, by the scheduled start time of the match (12.10), the data from the laboratory had not arrived. IIHF President Luc Tardif, together with the director of the International Federation of Legal Affairs Ashley Ehlert, was present in the arena - and decided to postpone the start of the meeting for one hour. Tardif informed representatives of both teams about this."

Hockey players of our national team are ready to play at the Olympics even in masks, even in protective suits

Well, the Canadians did not take to the ice, because they found out about it earlier. We decided to play with masks for safety reasons. By the end of the second period, the test results were already clear, and the need for additional protection was no longer necessary. But the Canadians finished the match in masks. As for the match itself, the defeat with a score of 1:6 can be considered worthy.

For example, our future rivals, the Finnish hockey players, lost to Canada 1:11, and the Swiss - 1:12. In addition, the Russians scored against Canada for the first time at the Olympics.

No less important, even when it seemed that Canada was to blame for the delay of the match, ours still wanted to go on the ice.

– Agreed to play at least after how much. The winner should be determined according to the sports principle, - said the head coach of our team Yevhen Bobariko.

“We are ready to play even in protective suits, even in visors with a net, the main thing is to play,” Alexandra Vafina supported the mentor. - We are focused only on victories.

The match between Russia and Canada started an hour later