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The Russian futsal team has confirmed its status as one of the leading teams in the world

Russia (, - The Russian futsal team won silver medals at the European Championship, confirming its status as one of the world's leading teams. But the gold was so close... In the decisive match with the reigning winners of the European and World Championships, the Portuguese, our guys led 2:0, but in they missed the advantage - 2:4.

Of course, after such a match, Sergei Skorovich's wards were terribly disappointed. However, if we sum up the results of the tournament, we can say with confidence that Russia played it beyond praise. And showed character.

According to the tradition that has developed recently, our athletes had to fight not only with rivals, but also with unsportsmanlike circumstances. In this regard, it suffices to recall the semi-final game with Ukraine, when, throughout almost the entire meeting, the fans of the Zhovto-Blakitites shouted insulting words at the Russians, and in general behaved in a boorish way. It is not surprising that after the match, representatives of our federation turned to UEFA with a demand to look into this situation and punish the perpetrators. However, there is a premonition that in Europe they will not listen to us and no sanctions will follow the Ukrainians. And our fellows: the players did not succumb to any provocations and won.

- We understood that this match would have a special entourage, but our team gathered persistent people - they just did their job and did not pay any attention to it, - said the head coach of the Russian team Sergei Skorovich.

By the way, the Ukrainian fans "showed themselves" not only in the semi-finals, but also ... in the final. After Portugal's goals, they waved flags and scarves. And they somehow did not care that just a couple of hours ago their favorite team lost big to Spain in the match for third place and were left without medals. Little things like that don't bother them. It turns out that they came to Amsterdam not to root for their own, but to insult strangers.

However, as already noted, our team did not pay attention to any provocations. As for the match itself, the Portuguese again turned the course of the meeting. In the semi-finals, they also lost 0:2, but managed to turn the tide and beat the Spaniards (3:2). We saw the same thing in the final.

- I think the key was that we didn't realize a number of our opportunities with the score 2:0. It was necessary to score more, and so they conceded from the standard and went to the break with a minimal margin. The best teams - the most worthy rivals - are fighting in the final of the European Championship. One must be the winner, and, alas, they were not us. At the same time, we are not ashamed of the work that we have done. I'm proud of the guys. They fought to the last, had a chance to turn the tide. We are proud that we are Russians and showed ourselves so brightly at the championship, - said Skorovich.

Our team has won medals in 4 of the last 5 European Championships

According to Andrey Afanasiev, the author of one of our two goals in the final, our team had to beat the Portuguese. “As for the psychology and physical condition, I can say that everything was on the level. I think that in the first half we completely controlled the game. Unfortunately, the Portuguese scored at the end of the starting 20 minutes, they got some kind of enthusiasm. "an oddity with the second goal. We left all our strength. Yes, the Portuguese were lucky somewhere, by the way, they are quite often lucky lately. Russia should have taken this final," Afanasyev was quoted as saying by the official website of the Russian Futsal Association (AMFR). ).

Note that the Russian team for the sixth time in history became the silver medalist of the European Championship (1996, 2005, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2022). Our team won the only gold in 1999. Three more times Russia took bronze (2001, 2007, 2018).

By the way

The Africa Cup of Nations has ended in Cameroon. Senegal won the tournament, beating Egypt 0-0, 4-2 in the final on penalties. To be honest, the Senegalese should have won in regular time. Aliou Cisse's team created more chances, and in the seventh minute they had to score at all, but the main star of the “yellow-greens” Sadio Mane did not convert a penalty. In a series of penalties, each of the goalkeepers pulled one shot, but the Egyptians still hit the post Mohammed Abdel Monem. By the way, the decisive penalty was scored by Mane, recognized as the best player in the competition. Thus, Senegal won the African Cup for the first time in history, and one of the best football players in the world, Liverpool forward Mohammed Salah, once again missed the chance to win the trophy as part of the national team.

The Russian futsal team has confirmed its status as one of the leading teams in the world