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Coach of Russian hockey players: The winner must be determined on a sporting basis

Russia (, - Head coach of the Russian women's ice hockey team Evgeny Bobariko commented on the situation with an hour delay in the match against Canada (1:6) at the Olympic tournament in Beijing.

Evgeny Viktorovich, comment on what really happened?

Evgeniy Bobariko: You saw everything, were at the game. We went to the warm-up, then to the game. Then we were already waiting for information when we would be able to go on the ice again and play this match.

Did you consider the issue of technical defeat for the Canadians?

Evgeny Bobariko: You know, in our time it is necessary to identify the winner according to the sports principle. We were ready to play at least two hours later, at least after how much. Regarding tests, we are probably the only team that takes tests in the morning and in the evening. There was no additional information. We passed the tests in the morning, went to the game, and then let more competent people explain what happened.

The Canadians said that they had experience in mask training. Did we have one?

Evgeny Bobariko: We did not train in masks, there was no such need. I can say that when I did certain exercises with the girls, because there were not enough players, I was wearing a mask, and the feeling was not pleasant.

Why did we take off the masks in the third period, but Canada didn't?

Evgeniy Bobariko: They were leading anyway. They probably wanted to protect themselves. I can't comment on their coach's decision.

Has the pause affected the game a lot?

Evgeniy Bobariko: Of course, it is difficult to enter the game after such a pause. They themselves are to blame for conceding two quick goals at once. Of course, they influenced our game. But it's okay. We hope such things don't happen again.

Tell us about the cases of covid?

Evgeny Bobariko: Lena Dergacheva, unfortunately, fell into the covid protocol, Kulishova fell ill, and Goncharenko had a covid relapse. The situation is difficult, but nothing, we will fight to the last.

How not to despair when the troubles are one after another?

Evgeny Bobariko: We do not despair. We live by the principle: in the morning we passed the tests, in the evening we received information. We hope no one else gets into this situation.

Coach of Russian hockey players: The winner must be determined on a sporting basis