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West Ham refuse to sack Zouma after cat abuse

London “West Ham United” will not suspend footballer Kurt Zoom because of the publication of videos in which he beat his cat, said head coach David Moyes, whose words are quoted on the club’s website.

According to Moyes, everyone at the club unanimously condemns the player's act, and maximum sanctions have already been applied to him. “I don't think the club could have taken more significant and quick action than it has done now. We fined him the maximum wage. His actions were considered diabolical. But we decided to keep playing with him and I'm sticking with it," Moyes said.

Court and care of sponsors. What awaits a football star for beating a cat Football The coach noted that the midfielder sincerely repents of his deed, and the club must help him earn forgiveness.

“The situation with him is terrible. He is really very remorseful. We all need a little forgiveness for our wrongdoings sometimes, and he hopes to earn it. We, as a club, must help him along the way and do everything possible from us, ”added the coach.

France footballer Zuma beat his cat for breaking a vase, and his brother filmed what was happening on video and posted it on Snapchat. In a video posted by British tabloid The Sun, Zuma can be seen first kicking the cat in the stomach, causing it to fly off. After that, he chases the animal around the house with a slipper, and to top it all, he beats with all his strength with his hand.

PETA demanded to remove the player of the French national team for beating a cat Football Zuma's act provoked the wrath of animal rights activists, who called for the removal of the player from football, and also put him on trial. A police investigation has begun against Zoom, and he could face up to five years in prison. West Ham fined the player £250,000 and Adidas terminated his sponsorship contract.

Zuma moved to West Ham in the summer of 2021, having previously played in England for Chelsea, as well as Stoke City and Everton on loan.

West Ham refuse to sack Zouma after cat abuse