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An American made an unexpected statement about Russian girls

25-year-old American figure skater Mariah Bell spoke about athletes from Russia after the scandalous story with Kamila Valieva, reports "Championship".

Continuation 1. The doping test of the Russian woman gave a positive result. An official statement The American was asked about the current situation at the 2022 Olympics, and she found a positive moment.

"Russian girls are amazing. I have nothing to say about what is happening now, it's none of my business. But Russian girls are amazing athletes, I watched them train, their skating speaks for itself," the source quotes Bell's position.

Kazakh woman turned to the Olympic champion who got into a scandal

Recall that Valieva's doping test turned out to be doubtful. According to media reports, the test was passed before the start of the 2022 Olympics and traces of the drug trimetazidine, used to prevent angina pectoris, were found in the sample.

Previously, Valieva as part of the Russian national team won gold medals in the team tournament.

Medals for Kazakhstan

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An American made an unexpected statement about Russian girls