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€37,000 stolen from Neymar's bank account

200 thousand Brazilian reais (about €37 thousand) were stolen from the bank account of the Paris Saint-Germain footballer Neymar. This is reported by the Brazilian UOL and Correio Braziliense.

The criminals worked for one of the outsourcing companies that was hired by the bank. In total, more than ten people participated in this crime, the police arrested a 20-year-old man, whom they consider to be the initiator of the crime.

“The arrested man took the password from his neighbor and started stealing small amounts from the accounts of famous people. And people did not notice the loss. He transferred first 10,000 reais from the account, then 20,000 reais, then another 50,000, and the total amount was 200,000,” Fabio Pineiro Lopez told the services of the Department of Criminal Investigations of Sao Paulo.

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The police are still investigating to find the rest of the scammers.

€37,000 stolen from Neymar's bank account