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ROC releases statement following CAS decision on Valieva's admission

Russia (, - The Russian Olympic Committee commented on the decision of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which allowed figure skater Kamila Valieva to compete in women's singles at the Beijing Olympics.

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On Monday, the decision to lift the temporary suspension of the athlete was confirmed by CAS. The ROC released a statement saying that the committee notes the importance of conducting a full and objective investigation into the situation with Valieva's positive doping test.

"The Russian Olympic Committee initially paid special attention to the issue of compliance with the timing of the sample analysis in the Stockholm anti-doping laboratory, this fact was also separately noted by the board when making a decision. The Russian Olympic Committee continues to consistently defend the rights and interests of Russian athletes. At the same time, we consider it extremely important to conduct of a full-fledged objective investigation to establish all the circumstances of the situation with a positive doping test of an athlete. The ROC is interested in an objective, fair decision on this case following the results of the legal procedure, "the statement on the organization's website says.

ROC releases statement following CAS decision on Valieva's admission