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Valieva received the 26th starting number in the short program

Russia (, - The draw for the women's short program in figure skating took place at the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing. The women's tournament starts on February 15, 30 single skaters are announced in the list of participants.

All three Russians got into the fifth, strongest warm-up. Kamila Valieva received the 26th starting number, Alexandra Trusova - the 28th, Anna Shcherbakova - the 29th. American Karen Chen (25), Yu Yong from South Korea (27) and Japanese Kaori Sakomoto (30) will also take to the ice.

Recall that today there will also be a meeting of the visiting panel of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on the case of the admission of the Olympic champion in the team of Kamila Valieva to the individual figure skater tournament. Immediately after the victory of our team, it became known that the December test of Valieva, taken at the Russian Championship, gave a positive result for a banned substance. The figure skater successfully challenged the temporary suspension and continued to prepare for the competition. But the appeal was filed by international organizations - the IOC, WADA and ISU. The details of the situation, to which there are many questions, have not yet been reported. The decision of the CAS will be announced only on Monday, February 14 - on the eve of the start of the short program.

Valieva received the 26th starting number in the short program