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UEFA reacted to the results of the election of the new president of the KFF

Josef Kliment, adviser to UEFA President Alexander Ceferin on national associations, commented on the election of the new KFF President Adilet Barmenkulov, the press service of the federation reports.

Previously, elections were held by secret ballot, where Barmenkulov won and has already spoken about his future work.

KFF has chosen a new president. What you need to know about him and his plans

“I talked a lot with the delegates from the regional federations, who took part in the voting, they appreciated the fact that these were real democratic elections,” says Kliment. – This is a very positive aspect. The candidates made presentations of their programs, they all offered new ideas. I liked the winner program. He said that he wants to improve the level of football in the country, but he soberly understands that this is not a one-day job. He has a program for 12 years, you need to build a systematic work and the results will come. We talked to him after the conference, UEFA is ready to help the federation, only new impulses, new ideas are needed.

- How did UEFA react to the fact that after many years at the helm of the KFF Adilbek Dzhaksybekov left and there will be a new leadership?

- I already spoke at the conference - many thanks to the already former president of the KFF Adilbek Dzhaksybekov. He took over football in a difficult period and during his time at the head of the federation a lot was done to develop football. Your team was unlucky with the group in the last qualification, but the good results of the football team, clubs in European competitions, and the futsal team are the main indicator of the success of the KFF under Dzhaksybekov and his team. As for the change in leadership, we accept it as a fact. We have 55 federations and each has its own characteristics. One has a president for 20 years, the other has a management that changes every second year.

The fact that the president continues to work for more than 10 years does not mean that there is a dictatorship, in most cases it shows that the situation is stable, work is underway. For example, on Friday I was at a conference in Slovakia, and the president, with whom we have been working together for 9-10 years, won. He was the only candidate and was re-elected for a fourth term. The situation in football in Slovakia is gradually changing for the better, a team of professionals has been assembled, so the work is underway. You have a new president now, under which Kazakhstani football will continue to move forward. Adilet Barmenkulov states that the ultimate goal of his program is the performance of the national team of Kazakhstan in a major tournament. This is the right goal, you should always set an ambitious goal, but in order to achieve it, you need to work hard. I repeat, UEFA is nearby, and we are ready to help in the work.

- You said that you were in Kazakhstan 12 years ago. How, in your opinion, has our football changed during this time?

– During this period, a lot has changed both in the country and in football. Everything is developing, infrastructure for children is being built. Gradually it will give results. I did not have time to see much, but what I saw - the city and infrastructure left a very pleasant impression. We will keep our fingers crossed so that football in your country grows even faster and becomes stronger.

"You will have direct access." The new president of the KFF - about the results of the elections, personnel changes and his strategy

UEFA reacted to the results of the election of the new president of the KFF