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Kanat Islam lost for the first time. Is it time to end your career?

On February 26, middleweight Kanat Islam (28-1, 22 KOs) suffered the first defeat of his career in a fight against British Jimmy Kelly (26-2, 10 KOs). What does this fiasco mean and how Kazakhstani boxers lost a zero in the defeat column - in the material of the correspondent.

Kanat Islam lost. What to do next?

Islam itself probably does not know the answer to this question - after the first defeat in a career it is difficult to recover and immediately recover. However, according to ESPN Latin American journalist Fernando Barbosa, the Kazakhstani should think about ending his career.

"I think that Islam's career has come to an end. Perhaps he will announce his retirement immediately or have another fight, but it's pointless to talk about his prospects," he said.

We will not be so premature and try to figure out: how exactly did Kanat lose? Perhaps the underestimation of the opponent and age played a role.

Do not forget that the Kazakhstani is already 37 years old, at this age the body can give up, especially after 28 fights at the highest level.

Underestimation is also a very important factor, which the athlete himself can absolutely honestly say.

In the first rounds, it was clear that Kanat was playing with an opponent, and the Kazakhstani paid for this in full.

It remains to be hoped that Islam will return to the ring in the near future and will not make such mistakes. In the meantime, let's remember how other Kazakhstani boxers suffered their first defeats in their careers.

Gennady Golovkin

Let's start with the most famous boxer in the country. Gennady Golovkin was untouchable for 12 years in professional boxing, but stumbled in September 2018.

Then, after a controversial draw with Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, the parties held a rematch, which Golovkin also controversially lost.

Madiyar Ashkeev

The first defeat of the Kazakhstani Ashkeev was truly painful and impartial.

The fact is that he won all of his 14 fights, seven of them by knockout. In December 2020, he was opposed by another undefeated fighter, American Charles Conwell.

The Kazakhstani missed a lot of blows. So many that in the end he was already persuaded to stop the fight. As a result, I had to refuse to continue the fight after the ninth round.

It is worth noting that more than a year has passed since the defeat, but we still have not seen a return to the ring from Ashkeev.

Ali Ahmedov

December 2020 was some kind of bad luck for the undefeated Kazakhstani boxers. In the same month, Ali Akhmedov, a representative of the second middle weight, suffered a defeat. His defeat, as in the case of Ashkeev, was unexpected.

He lost in the fight for the world title against the Ecuadorian Carlos Gongora. That evening, Akhmedov managed to be knocked down, get up and fall again.

Akhmedov spectacularly returned to the victorious path - in September 2021, he defeated the Peruvian David Segarra, nicknamed "Panther", ahead of schedule.

And in December 2021, a year after the first defeat in his career, Akhmedov knocked out the Mexican Paul Valenzuela with a hard knockout in the first round.

Bobirzhan Mominov

Kazakhstani Mominov suffered his first defeat in the professional ring in his 13th fight. He lost to Mexican Angel Ruiz. The fight lasted all eight rounds.

It is worth noting that the fight was not without dirty fouls from Mominov. The Kazakh boxer was more active in the first half of the fight, but already in the first round he hit his opponent with a low blow. And then he repeated the violation in the fifth three-minute period. The Mexican answered with a knockdown 33 seconds before the end of the round. In the seventh round, Mominov was knocked down again.

Nevertheless, the Kazakhstani did not lose ahead of schedule - the Mexican won by unanimous decision. As in the case of Ashkeev, Mominov still has not returned to the ring after his debut defeat.

Kanat Islam lost for the first time. Is it time to end your career?