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Maradona removed from FIFA 22

EA Sports has removed Diego Maradona from FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. As such, Football Player items can no longer be dropped from in-game packs and played with in FUT Draft. Athlete cards will remain with its owners, and the price of the legend will be fixed indefinitely. Users will also not be able to play as an idol in the Soccer Aid World XI All-Star Kick-Off.

According to the publication, what happened is related to copyright. In November, it was reported that Electronic Arts acquired the footballer's license through a deal with a former player manager named Stefano Chechi. In court, he was unable to prove that he had the legal authority to sign such documents.

At the moment, the rights to the Maradona brand belong to Sattvica, the company of Matias Morla, a well-known Argentine lawyer. It is possible that EA will conclude a new licensing contract with much more favorable terms for Morla. In their appeal, the Canadians said they would try to get one of the greatest football players back in the game as soon as possible.

Maradona removed from FIFA 22