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Kazakh tennis player Elena Rybakina received a verdict after failure at the Australian Open

Columnist Damian Kust commented on the controversial start of the season of Kazakh tennis player Elena Rybakina. During the conversation, the specialist named the main problems of the Kazakh woman and predicted her leadership in the ranking.

The first racket of the country in the second round match of the Australian Open met with the 57th racket of the world Anna Blinkova from Russia and unexpectedly lost with a score of 4:6, 6:4, 6:7 (20:22). This game recorded the longest decisive tiebreak (22:20) in the history of women's matches at Grand Slam tournaments. Blinkova was eliminated in the next stage, losing to Italian Jasmine Paolini.

Rybakina set a record and delighted the former first racket of the world

“Rybakina couldn’t approach the Australian Championships correctly. I don’t think she’s in decline or could fall out of the top tennis players. She just needs to plan the season correctly and not try to win all the tournaments. She managed to break into the ranks of the best, but hold on like As a rule, it is much more difficult.The early departure from the Australian Championship can be explained by the fact that it is emotionally and physically difficult to perform in three competitions in a row.

Technically, Rybakina is one of the best in the world, but she needs to improve her physical condition. Endurance and composure - sometimes they fail her. If she manages to correct her shortcomings, she will top the rankings and be able to become the first racket of the world,” Kust noted.

By the way, a defeat from Blinkova will seriously affect Rybakina’s status. At the end of the tournament, she will drop from third place in the world rankings to fifth. By the way, in January, in addition to the Australian Open, the Kazakh woman played in three tournaments, first there was a victory in Brisbane, then a sensational elimination in the quarterfinals of the competition in Adelaide.

Note that Rybakina over the last four Grand Slam tournaments overcame the second round barrier over again. Last year she reached the final in Melbourne, but this time her luck turned against her.

Kazakh tennis player Elena Rybakina received a verdict after failure at the Australian Open