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The USA reacted to Rakhmonov’s “refusal” to fight with the UFC champion

American journalist Jack Maccaferri commented on the information about the refusal of Shavkat Rakhmonov (18-0) to fight British champion Leon Edwards (22-3-0-1) at the UFC 300 tournament. The specialist explained why in this situation the authority of the Kazakhstani is not in danger.

Earlier, UFC President Dana White said that three opponents were considered for the main fight of the UFC 300 anniversary tournament against welterweight champion Edwards, which will be held on April 14 in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA). According to the insider, Rakhmonov was among them. As a result, the fighters refused, and the Kazakh team commented on this episode.

“At such a short distance, getting into a championship fight is very tempting, but not in this situation. Rakhmonov was injured and fought with it. He was able to win, but not in his usual spectacular style. It’s absolutely right that you don’t try to force things. Rakhmonov's championship fight is a matter of time. However, you need to approach the fight at your maximum. And rushing at Edwards after an injury is doubtful. Anyone who knows a little about martial arts understands that the issue here is not one of weakness and cowardice. This is the right thing calculation of one’s strength,” Maccaferri noted.

The last time Rakhmonov entered the cage was in December, when he defeated American Stephen Thompson by choke in the second round. For the latter, the defeat by submission was the first first in his career. For “Nomad,” this victory was the sixth in six fights in the UFC, all of them early.

The USA reacted to Rakhmonov’s “refusal” to fight with the UFC champion