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Rapper from Khakassia RicoSun found dead in Sochi apartment

In a rented apartment in Sochi, a rapper from Khakassia, Vladimir Bogdanov, known as RicoSun, was found dead. This is reported by the publication

The 32-year-old artist stopped contacting friends and family on February 1.

It was not possible to contact Bogdanov and the owner of the apartment, who rented out the apartment. Soon the landlord wanted to meet his tenant in person. Arriving at the place, the owner of the apartment began to ring the doorbell, hoping that Bogdanov would open it. However, there was no reaction.

Eventually the owner opened the door with his keys. Once in the room, the man found traces of blood in one of the rooms, and the body of the performer lay nearby.

“Death is not natural. The deceased was found to have a stab wound in the stomach, ”the law enforcement agencies specified.

RicoSun's body is in the morgue, and according to the latest information, it has not yet been taken.

The last months Bogdanov lived in Sochi. Relatives of the deceased rapper asked for help from all concerned to organize the funeral.

Before that, the musician participated in various hip-hop festivals, became the winner of some rapper tournaments.

Earlier in the US, rapper Young Dolph was killed.

Rapper from Khakassia RicoSun found dead in Sochi apartment