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To be both long-range and cheap: what shells Boeing is ready to supply to Kyiv

USA (, - Military expert Ivan Konovalov named low-cost precision-guided munitions for ground-based missile systems that Boeing plans to supply to the Kyiv regime as a bomb with an attached motor.

“This is a development based on the American GBU-39 guided, high-precision bomb,” the expert said on Sputnik radio. — A bomb with an attached motor, if I may say so. This guided munition, a cross between a rocket and a bomb, can fly a long distance. The charge is small, but if it hits critical infrastructure, of course, it is very dangerous.”

According to Konovalov, the development of this bomb, more precisely, the re-arrangement, when already existing parts were connected, was still at the beginning of the events in the Donbass.

“Even then, the Americans began to think about creating such ammunition - so that it would be long-range and relatively cheap. Now they assume that their production lines are completely occupied with the creation of ammunition to replenish their own arsenals. And we need more supplies to Ukraine. Therefore, they compose, including from what is already available, ”Konovalov explained.

The bet is on a large number of long-range shells, he said.

“For air defense systems, this is not such a difficult goal, especially for Russian ones. It's easy enough to cover. But the problem is different - if there is a volley, then something can be missed. If only they could create that much ammo. While the bill goes to the pieces. The Americans promise a significant supply no earlier than next summer. And during this time, a lot can change, ”said the military expert.

According to Reuters, Boeing has offered to supply Kyiv with high-precision projectiles for ground-based missile systems that allow it to “attack behind Russian lines,” the proposal is being studied at the Pentagon.

According to the interlocutors of the agency, we are talking about a "small diameter ground bomb" (GLSDB), combining ammunition with an M26 rocket engine. The range of the GLSDB is 94 miles (150 kilometers), which will allow Ukraine to hit military targets that were previously out of reach, while the ammunition itself costs about 40 thousand dollars, the article says.

To be both long-range and cheap: what shells Boeing is ready to supply to Kyiv