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Lukashenka called on the EU to unite with Russia

Belarus (, - The best option for the European Union would be to unite with Russia. This was announced today, on February 16, by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in an interview with foreign and Belarusian media.

“The best option for Europeans is to unite with Russia. Resources here, high technologies there. And this would be the main pole of the planet. The Americans and the Chinese (for all my friendly attitude towards China) would be jealous of this alliance. And there would be three powerful points on which our planet would be held - the USA, China and the European continent together with Russia, consider the Eurasian one. Perhaps a fourth pole would have formed around India, or India and others would have joined these poles. It would be worthy for the planet,” he said.

The President of Belarus believes that the situation will develop in this direction, although the Americans do not want this and in every possible way torpedo any normal processes, including attempts to establish peace in Ukraine, which the Europeans want. In his opinion, the EU countries are "running after the United States" in decision-making.

At the same time, the Belarusian leader expressed disagreement with the fact that the conflict in Ukraine can be considered a conflict between Moscow and the West at the global level, and these processes should be looked at more broadly.

“This is a global conflict between America and the West on the one hand and China on the other (not Russia - China is the main thing for them), consider between the West and the East (China and Russia, you can connect Iran here and so on). And the most acute phase of this conflict is the conflict between Moscow and the West,” Lukashenka said.

Recall that the European Union and the United States have introduced several packages of sanctions against Russia and Belarus over the past year. Many of the restrictions harm the economies of most European countries, but benefit the US.

Lukashenka called on the EU to unite with Russia