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Saudi prince spoke about the normalization of relations with Israel

The Greater Middle East (, - Former Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Prince Turki Ben Faisal al Saud, told France 24 that the Kingdom's condition for normalizing relations with Israel is adherence to the Arab Peace Initiative. This is reported by the famous Russian orientalist Maria Kicha.

As the expert notes:

“The Arab Peace Initiative is the official initiative of the Arab countries adopted by the League of Arab States on March 28, 2002 in Beirut. According to its text, it is aimed at achieving a comprehensive peace with Israel and ending the Arab-Israeli conflict under a number of conditions, including: Israel's withdrawal from the territories it occupied in 1967 (including the Golan Heights); recognition by Israel of the sovereign State of Palestine in the West Bank of the Jordan River (in Judea and Samaria) and in the Gaza Strip, with its capital in East Jerusalem.”

Prince Turki explained that the normalization of Saudi-Israeli relations also implies the return of all Palestinian refugees. The diplomat specifically pointed out that this is not his personal opinion or information from the media, but the official position of the Kingdom.

At the same time, the Arab Peace Initiative runs counter to Israeli policy. In this context, Maria Kicha notes:

“Whether the Jewish state will accept it (especially given the composition and nature of the current government) is a rhetorical question.”

Saudi prince spoke about the normalization of relations with Israel