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AMD bit off a fair chunk of the processor market from Intel

Analysts at Mercury Research evaluated the processor market based on the results of the last quarter. And it turned out that AMD set another record, taking the largest share in its history.

We are talking about 25.6% of the CPU market. For comparison, a quarter earlier, the company's share was 24.6%, and a year earlier, only 21.7%. That is, over the year, AMD was able to increase its share by almost 4 percentage points.

At the same time, if you look at the performance for each of the main segments, it is not clear how AMD increased its share in quarterly terms, because in desktop and mobile the company lost a share to a competitor, and growth in server quarter was only 0.5 percentage points.

Probably, the whole point is in the data that is not in the table. The fact is that analysts also take into account the console market, and here AMD reigns supreme, and the past year was just the year of new consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

If we return to the main segments and evaluate the results in annual terms, then here AMD has increased its share in all segments, except for the desktop. Given the release of Alder Lake and the lack of desktop novelties from AMD, it can be assumed that Intel will continue to take share from a competitor in this segment at least until the release of Ryzen 7000.

AMD bit off a fair chunk of the processor market from Intel