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Github don't be evil

In the last week, I accidentally came across content that openly violates two points at once

s unlawful or promotes unlawful activities;

directly supports unlawful active attack or malware campaigns that are causing technical harms — such as using our platform to deliver malicious executables or as attack infrastructure, for example by organizing denial of service attacks or managing command and control servers — with no implicit or dual explicit- use purpose prior to the abuse occurring; or

we are talking about a list of various Russian sites and a call for a DDos attack (whoever wants a proof can easily find it in Google by keywords).

Several reports from me and from friends did not give anything (I doubt that we were the only ones), even an official reply did not come (I believe two days is enough to investigate such a simple case).

Actually, the politicization of github pops up not for the first time, let's say here is a complaint from a developer from Iran: embargoed-countries-5ga9

Also, for those who do not visit the "r/linux" reddit channel, I will give the bot's reaction to the publication of any sources pointing to

GitHub is owned by Microsoft, and is a proprietary code hosting service with large marketshare. Consider moving the repository to use a more free alternative: the actual code and branches can be migrated out of most non-free repositories, features such as issues, pull requests / their comments, additional features like discussions or wikis and more are generally not exportable without a custom tool. How to block Automod. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.UPD:

Github itself expressed its position on calls to block developers from Russia:

The official statement said the following:

"We are enforcing our Acceptable Use Policies and Community Guidelines to make GitHub safe for everyone."

That is, they insist on following their own rules.

Github don't be evil