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Import substitution news at the intersection of the clock domain

If you are going to interview at Apple or Baikal for one of the positions in the design or verification of systems on a chip (System-on-Chip - SoC), you absolutely absolutely need to prepare for questions on the clock domain crossing (Clock Domain Crossing - CDC). In an iPhone type SoC, there are many different blocks that run at different clock speeds. In order for data transfer between them not to fail, you need to 1) know why it can fail; 2) master techniques that allow you to avoid these glitches and 3) clearly understand how the techniques used affect the throughput of the connection.

Prepare for this section of the interview thoroughly. If you only read about metastability in Harris & Harris and start to get out in the style of Alisa Teplyakova's answers "ah, metastability ... yeah, synchronizers ... mmm ... asynchronous FIFOs ..." - then a three on the exam with a compassionate non-top teacher University of the countries of the former USSR you can pull out, but you will not win a good job in a commercial company.

How to prepare? In America, this issue is taught in a six-hour seminar that costs $800 per student in the class. But in Russia, a group of enthusiasts prepared a free seminar, based on open articles by the author of the American seminar Clif Cummings, as well as a workshop from MIET and their own laboratory studies.

Join the next lesson of the Skolkovo School of Digital Circuit Synthesis, which will be held on March 12, 2022 in Capsule No. 2 of the Skolkovo Technopark from 12:00 to 15:00.

School 2021/22. Lesson 15. Asynchronous frequencies, the intersection of clock domains and synchronization. Conducted by Alexander Silantiev, MIET

If you want to come to a class in Skolkovo, email Alexander Bilenko (this guarantees a place with a computer and FPGA board). If you do not know how to work with FPGA boards, it does not matter, most of the material is shown using simulation.

It is also advisable to register on the School website. Those who register will receive exercises by email to test their knowledge and skills.

If you can't come, here's the Youtube stream starting on Saturday at noon.

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Import substitution news at the intersection of the clock domain