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Russian chip manufacturers found themselves under EU sanctions

Russian developers of processors were under EU sanctions. The list includes Baikal Electronics JSC, MCST JSC (produces Elbrus processors), NM-Tech LLC (launches the production of electronics on the basis of the Angstrem-T plant), Modul LLC and R&D Center.

As stated in the document, these companies are subject to EU regulation No. 833 of July 31, 2014. European companies will be prohibited from providing legal entities from the sanctions list with any technological services related to the production of dual-use goods, issuing them grants, loans, credits, as well as providing other financial assistance.

“The EU has mirrored US sanctions. Against the background of what was introduced earlier, the new EU sanctions do little to worsen,” a source in the computer market told Kommersant.

Earlier, the US Department of Commerce has already introduced sectoral sanctions against MCST, Baikal Electronics, STC Modul and MTC Elvis. Under the restrictions, foreign companies that use American technology are required to seek permission from the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) of the US Department of Commerce to cooperate with these enterprises. However, the agency will refuse to respond to all requests.

It was also reported that the United States is in talks with Japan, Singapore and Taiwan to support sanctions. These are key regions producing semiconductors, high-tech chips and other export goods, the supply of which to Russia may be limited or banned.

Meanwhile, the Taiwanese TSMC has already stopped the production and supply of Russian Baikal and Elbrus processors. Baikal Electronics received small batches of processors from TSMC, 10,000 pieces per month.

Russian chip manufacturers found themselves under EU sanctions