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Prices for the iPhone in Russia increased by a quarter, for the MacBook - doubled, a product and price comparison service, calculated that prices for iPhones in Russia have risen by 24-34% over the past three weeks, for tablets by 13-34%, and for Apple laptop models by 46-142%.

Service representatives explain that laptops have risen in price most of all, since many Russian specialists, from product designers to analysts, work on iOS.

As a result, some models have risen in price by 2–2.4 times, for example, the average price of the MacBook Pro MK1E3 was a record 480.1 thousand rubles, and the MacBook Z11B0004T began to cost 302.7 thousand rubles.

At the same time, the MacBook Air MGN63 model grew by 46%, to 126.1 thousand rubles.

The iPhone 13 128GB became the most expensive smartphone: its price increased by 34%, to 96 thousand rubles. It is followed by the iPhone 13 Pro 128GB, which has risen in price by 31%, to 125.9 thousand rubles.

The prices for the iPhone 11 128GB and iPhone 11 64GB have risen less. These models have risen in price by 24% and now cost 61 thousand and 55.9 thousand rubles. respectively.

In general, tablets have risen in price least of all, their price has increased by 13-34%. Most of all, prices increased on the iPad Pro 12.9 128GB - by 34%, to 131 thousand rubles. The iPad Pro 11 128GB, which now costs 85.8 thousand rubles, has risen in price the least of the tablets.

In early March, Apple suspended sales of its devices in Russia and stopped deliveries to the country. The media reported that the company decided to stop its deliveries to the Russian Federation. Now Apple offers to buy its products from resellers and in mobile stores.

Prices for the iPhone in Russia increased by a quarter, for the MacBook - doubled