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Telegram complied with all requirements of the Brazilian court, the judge withdrew the decision to block the messenger

On March 20, 2022, the Telegram administration complied with all the requirements of the Brazilian Supreme Court, including the blocking of accounts and the removal of certain publications in channels with fake information. The judge withdrew the decision to block the messenger. An official representative of Telegram has appeared in the country. The platform moderators will respond more quickly to requests from the Brazilian court and law enforcement agencies.

The lawyer Alan Campos Elias Tomaz became the representative of Telegram in the country. He will deal with communication between the platform and government agencies.

In addition, Telegram, in order to combat the appearance of misinformation on the platform, will now manually, with the help of moderators, view the most popular Telegram channels in Brazil and the main Brazilian media and remove all fake information from there.

On March 18, 2022, the Brazilian Supreme Court ruled to block the Telegram application in the country at the request of the prosecutor's office and the police due to the placement of fakes and prohibited content there, which the platform administration did not remove at the request of the court.

After this decision, Durov apologized to the Supreme Court of Brazil for the negligence in processing requests from the department and the poor work of his team. He promised to fix everything, asked for a delay in the implementation of all decisions and not to block the messenger.

On March 19, the Brazilian court granted Telegram a day to fulfill all the requirements, otherwise it will be blocked from March 21.

The court indicated that it would cancel the blocking order only if the administration of the platform complies with all the requirements of the court, without exception, including:

appoint an official representative of Telegram in Brazil, it can be an individual or a legal entity;

inform the court immediately and without fail about measures to combat disinformation and the spread of false news;

remove links in the official Telegram channel of President Jair Bolsonaro to copies of confidential documents about the pending federal police investigation (Teleram did this);

to block the Telegram channel of the journalist Claudio Lessa, who spreads fakes, to provide the court with the registration details of the channel's account, and to save all content broadcast in this channel for police investigation,

Telegram complied with all requirements of the Brazilian court, the judge withdrew the decision to block the messenger