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The Russian court for the first time arrested the stolen cryptocurrency

The St. Petersburg District Court for the first time applied an arrest against stolen cryptocurrency. As the Izvestia publication points out, “the court allowed the investigator to seize Ethereum (ETH) contained in 24 wallets of the accused of stealing the cryptocurrency.”

The materials of the criminal case indicate that in 2017 the plaintiff bought 7,000 ETH. The attacker hacked into the victim's crypto wallet and stole digital funds. After filing a complaint with the court, investigators found the suspect. At the time of discovery, he had only 4,000 ETH, which was arrested by court order. At the moment, 1 ETH is estimated at about $3,100.7 thousand, respectively - $21.7 million (RBC exchange rate, at the time of this writing).

Yesterday, law enforcement agencies in Germany blocked the infrastructure of the illegal darknet store Hydra Market. During the blocking process, bitcoins were seized in the amount equivalent to 23 million euros.

In March of this year, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs began to investigate the first case in the Russian Federation about the embezzlement of funds and property of a crypto exchange. According to investigators, taking advantage of his position, the co-owner of the exchange withdrew and cashed out part of the funds. He was detained at a private airfield hotel in the Serpukhov urban district of the Moscow region with two travel suitcases of cash worth more than 190 million rubles. Also, during the searches, 50 million rubles, one million US dollars, 70 thousand euros, various computer equipment, hardware crypto wallets and much more were seized.

The Russian court for the first time arrested the stolen cryptocurrency