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Kommersant: Migration of the audience from Instagram** to VK is difficult and with problems

Despite the blocking and the creation of tools for transferring content from Instagram** and YouTube to VKontakte, the transition of users is difficult and with problems, Kommersant found out. The share of the transition audience is not up to expectations, many continue to use the VPN to surf their usual social networks and are reluctant to follow bloggers to other platforms.

After the Meta* social networks were blocked, the attendance of Russian social networks increased. For example, VK has already noted the rapid growth of the audience on VKontakte and, in particular, on the VK Video service several times. According to the VTsIOM survey and Mediascope data, the audience of Telegram is growing most actively. Growth is facilitated not only by blocking social networks, but also by uncertainty about the consequences of using foreign social networks.

According to experts interviewed by Kommersant, only 10-20% of the blogger audience followed them to other social networks. Some of the experts believe that we are talking not even about tens, but about "units of percent." Popular millionaire bloggers are not able to quickly transfer their subscribers to other platforms. During the transition, at least 15-20% of the "old" audience is lost, taking into account the wound up - up to 70%. Some users stay on older platforms using VPNs. Bloggers and advertisers “cannot immediately adapt to all the changes and are in no hurry to leave the familiar platforms.”

One of the central problems of the transition is the different specifics and functionality of the platforms. For example, experts designated Odnoklassniki as a “communication environment for nostalgic people”, VKontakte, in their own words, until recently was the “kingdom of publics”, Telegram is a messenger that will not be able to extend the functionality of social networks, or users will be annoyed by the increased volume and the changed content delivery format. Each platform is adapted to its own style of presenting material and cannot completely replace, for example, blocked Instagram**.

Experts believe that blocking will inevitably lead to significant losses in income and audience of bloggers. The losses of Instagram bloggers are estimated at 80-100%, the absolute losses of the influencer marketing market are 280 million rubles a week. It may take months of hard work to regain the audience and increase the reach, and all attempts to urgently compensate for the losses are doomed to failure. The easiest way now is for those who, before blocking, accustomed the audience to VKontakte and Telegram. Most likely, according to experts, they will be the first to establish contacts with advertisers and "skim all the cream."

Experts divide relocating bloggers into three categories: the first will be able to adapt content for new platforms and return their previous earnings, the second will earn more on courses and through projects on television, and the third will put up with a decrease in income. The last category, according to experts, at least until the end of this year will be the most numerous.

Meta Platforms* and its social networks Facebook** and Instagram**:

* recognized as an extremist organization, its activities are prohibited in Russia

** banned in Russia

Kommersant: Migration of the audience from Instagram** to VK is difficult and with problems