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Chargers for iPhone doubled in Russia

The cost of chargers for iPhone smartphones in Russia has more than doubled, according to a study by the analytical company Mobile Research Group. In February, the adapter cost customers 1990 rubles, and at the moment the cost has risen to 4500 rubles. The charger market is down 40% in volume and 30% in value compared to 2021.

Since the end of February, chargers for Apple smartphones have risen in price by 1.5-2.5 times. Now the adapter is available in the Svyaznoy chain of stores at a price of 4499 thousand rubles, in Re: Store - 3490 thousand rubles.

High prices for original accessories are due to the lack of competition from "gray" stores, explains Nikita Goryainov, editor-in-chief of He adds that the profit from the sale of imported adapters will be negligible.

Other Apple accessories have also risen in price. The price of a wipe for cleaning the screen has risen from 1990 rubles. up to 2500-3500 rubles.

Last year, consumers purchased a significant number of accessories, so the demand for them decreased in 2022. Retail chains have raised prices for related products in order to earn extra money, said Denis Kuskov, CEO of Telecom Daily. He says that iPhone owners continue to use chargers from old gadgets after purchasing a new one.

Goryainov says that there are Apple gadgets that have not risen in price in recent months. For example, the AirTag tag is sold at the same price as in January-February - 2990 rubles. However, the device is not popular among users. The cost of cases for the iPhone 13 is still around 5 thousand rubles.

The drop in sales was the only reason for the rise in price of chargers, said Eldar Murtazin, an analyst at Mobile Research Group. At the expense of the total margin, sellers expect to compensate for the profit they received less.

The original adapters for iPhone and non-branded have risen in price. Sales of chargers in the first half of 2022 decreased by 20% compared to last year, said David Borzilov, MegaFon's sales director. MTS announced a decrease in demand by 6%. In monetary terms, the market increased by 12%, the operator's representatives reported.

According to Kuskov, accessories sales will continue to fall in the second half of this year. This is due to the durability of chargers, the ability to recharge smartphones with a USB-C port from any suitable device, and the likely transition of Apple to this standard with the iPhone 14.

Chargers for iPhone doubled in Russia