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Probably, the letter to Vladimir Putin reached

AvtoVAZ canceled all new business trips of employees to the Lada Izhevsk plant related to the transfer of production of Lada Vesta. The process has been suspended until further notice from management.

The fact that AvtoVAZ has decided on the place of assembly of Lada Vesta was reported a few days ago. Then the sources called the current B0 line at the plant in Tolyatti, where, together with Lada Largus and XRay, Renault Logan and Sandero were produced until March.

According to one version, the entire process of transferring Vesta production from Izhevsk to Tolyatti was calculated for about seven months, and supposedly it should begin in the very near future. Now, when the collective letter from the Izhevsk factory workers has probably reached the addressee, there may not be a transfer. Recall that in the letter the employees addressed the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with a request to save the plant.

The press service of the head and government of Udmurtia, citing the Prime Minister of the Republic Yaroslav Semenov, reported that the final decisions on the factories in Togliatti and Izhevsk should be made in August-September 2022.

As previously reported, AvtoVAZ is switching to an enhanced mode of operation. The increase in salary can be 20-25%.

Probably, the letter to Vladimir Putin reached