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Microsoft releases mandatory Windows 11 update

Microsoft has released a fresh update for Windows 11 as part of the traditional monthly "update on Tuesday" (Patch Tuesday).

The update brings a number of improvements and bug fixes. This includes a problem with downloading and installing Windows updates. Other fixes include that every user will now be able to open the Start menu again, whereas some users may not have been able to before.

The update also includes innovations that became available as an optional cumulative update released in the second half of July. Among them is the ability to install new versions of Windows 11 during the first run. This means that if you buy a PC with the original version of Windows 11, but a newer version, such as Windows 11 version 22H2, is already available, you can install it before you start using your PC.

Since the KB5016629 update brings security improvements, this is a mandatory update that will install automatically on the PC, the user can only delay the installation for a week or two. Attempting to defer security updates multiple times may force a patch to be installed, depending on your Windows Update settings.

Microsoft releases mandatory Windows 11 update