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Russia - Immunologist told how to self-test for COVID-19

Russia (, - Many asymptomatically carry the coronavirus, while being a carrier of the infection. These people can infect others, including family and friends. Therefore, the general practitioner, immunologist Irina Yartseva advised to conduct self-testing for COVID-19 for any ailment, especially when traveling. To do this, you need to have rapid tests for COVID-19 with you.

“If you feel unwell during the trip, then you should test yourself. If the result is positive, then you should call the doctors and isolate yourself. This is better than suffering from illness and infecting everyone around,” the immunologist said in an interview with Sputnik radio.

How to do self-testing for COVID-19?

The mistake of many is that when taking a swab from the nose, they do not insert the swab deep enough into the nose - a special thin stick. The fact is that just in the cavity of the nostrils, the vestibule of the nose, the concentration of viral particles can be small, and the test will be uninformative. Therefore, you need to carefully, but as deeply as possible, penetrate the swab into the nasal cavity and conduct a test.

It is also worth recalling that the test should be carried out no earlier than three hours after you instilled or washed your nose.

If the test shows a positive result, you should isolate yourself and consult a doctor.

Russia - Immunologist told how to self-test for COVID-19