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Russia - Named a factor influencing the level of cardiovascular diseases stronger than a pandemic

Russia (, - The sex and age structure of the incidence of cardiovascular diseases for high-risk ages (men over 40 years old and women over 50-55 years old) has not changed significantly against the background of the pandemic, - said the chief freelance specialist cardiologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia Sergey Fighters. According to him, the trend towards the development of obesity is of great concern, including among young people, starting from the school bench.

“In this case, a metabolic syndrome is formed in a person by the age of 35, which results in an increase in the level of cholesterol, glucose, and arterial hypertension. Therefore, the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis with its complications at an earlier age increases,” Sergey Boytsov explained.

There is one way to prevent future problems with the heart and blood vessels: literally from childhood, instilling the "ideology and practice of a healthy lifestyle."

The chief cardiologist of the Ministry of Health listed the basic rules for maintaining a healthy heart, calling them the "golden list".

Here is the list of just three positions:

1) A reasonable approach to nutrition, moderation in eating and drinking alcohol.

2) Categorical cessation of smoking.

3) Physical activity.

“Active longevity must be actively pursued. Moderate physical activity, without overcoming oneself, is what our body requires. Thanks to them, our blood pressure begins to decrease, as the muscle vessels open, which require more blood during physical activity itself. This triggers the following positive processes in the body: the level of sugar and cholesterol decreases, appetite normalizes," Sergey Boytsov explained.

He noted that in recent years, thanks to the emergence of effective drugs, the quality of life of people who already have cardiovascular diseases and even suffered, for example, a heart attack, has significantly changed. Proper drug therapy allows you to keep the development of cardiovascular diseases under control, but again, on the condition that a person follows the recommendations of doctors and adheres to the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle.

"Patients who have had strokes, heart attacks, coronary artery bypass grafting, percutaneous coronary intervention (stenting), operations for atrial fibrillation are now provided under the benefit program with free drugs for two years after the illness or cardiac surgery. Adherence to treatment significantly reduces the risk of recurrent vascular catastrophes and increases the duration and quality of life," Sergey Boytsov stressed.

He also noted that vaccination, which protects against infections, many of which can lead to complications from the heart and blood vessels, is an element of taking care of maintaining one's health. "The presence of cardiovascular diseases is an indication for vaccination in the vast majority of cases. This applies not only to vaccination against a new coronavirus infection, but also to vaccination against influenza and against pneumococcal infection, which is especially important for people over 60 years old," the chief cardiologist said.

Russia - Named a factor influencing the level of cardiovascular diseases stronger than a pandemic