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Russia - Therapist named the two main mistakes of recovering from COVID-19

Russia (, - For successful recovery from COVID-19, patients must pay attention not only to treatment, but also to rehabilitation after illness. According to general practitioner Irina Gubanova, the virus triggers prolonged inflammation in many systems and organs, which can cause complications even after discharge from the hospital.

The expert called the delayed start of treatment the number one mistake when recovering from an illness. Gubanova noted that even after suffering a mild covid, one should check one's health.

"This will help to avoid strokes, heart attacks, thrombosis and embolism in post-covid syndrome, which are often observed even among young patients who have been ill. A check-up takes one to three days, but the examination allows you to reliably learn about possible risks and indicate the direction of further actions," the doctor explained in a comment.

The second common mistake is "recovering on a whim", when the patient tries to cope with the consequences of the disease without the help of a doctor. “COVID-19 is a new disease and independent attempts to understand what needs help and what can go away on its own are fraught with underestimation of the consequences,” the therapist notes.

According to her, the help of a doctor is necessary, in particular, in case of an acceleration of the pulse, increased pressure, shortness of breath or a decrease in visual acuity.

Earlier, the general practitioner Fallahi Nurzhahan said that a sharp increase in physical activity after suffering COVID can harm the body. This is due to the fact that during an illness, the immune system, lungs and heart of a person work at their limit. According to experts, after recovery, one should start with light loads, for example, walking at a normal pace, gradually increasing their duration.

In October last year, the World Health Organization published an official description of the post-coronavirus syndrome (long covid). According to experts, symptoms typically "last about three months from the onset of COVID-19 and cannot be explained by other diagnoses." Among them are increased fatigue, shortness of breath, cognitive impairment and other manifestations.

Many experts warn about the danger of the post-coronavirus syndrome. Thus, the head of the laboratory at the Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums. I. Mechnikova, Mikhail Kostinov noted that some patients who have recovered from COVID-19 in a severe form will not be able to fully recover from the disease. According to him, after the syndrome, some develop a chronic form of defects in the immune system, which can persist for several years.

In turn, Denis Protsenko, head physician of hospital No. 40 in Kommunarka, noted that the duration of the post-coronavirus syndrome in patients under the age of 60 who recovered from COVID-19 is about two months. Among the main symptoms are rapid physical fatigue, forgetfulness and irritability, negative emotional manifestations that did not bother a person before the illness.

From July 1, 2021, an expanded medical examination program has been operating in Russia. Three categories of citizens will be able to undergo a medical examination: those who have recovered from COVID-19, patients with chronic diseases, and people who have not sought medical help for two or more years.

Russia - Therapist named the two main mistakes of recovering from COVID-19