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The Russians were told in which cities it is most difficult to choose hotels

The most difficult thing for Russians was to find a suitable place to live in large cities with a large number of offers, follows from a survey of the OneTwoTrip travel planning service received by.

Sometimes travelers find it difficult to find a hotel or apartment. 48% of tourists have encountered them, 52% always easily cope with the choice. Answering the question in which city or natural area the search for housing took the most time, respondents often named large cities: Paris, Istanbul, Sochi, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The location of the place of accommodation is the main criterion for 79% of respondents, for the remaining 21% the equipment of the room is more important. A luxurious view from the window is a priority for 72%, the remaining 28% prefer a decent level of service to a beautiful landscape. Considering what would be more pleasant: a free breakfast or a spa, the former was chosen in 68% of cases, and relaxation treatments are more important for 32% of respondents.

When choosing a hotel, reviews are more trustworthy for many (88%), photos on the property page scored only 12% of the votes. When searching for accommodation options, 79% use filters, 21% look at all objects and choose they like without reference to any conditions. Of those who still limit their search, 81% do it on a budget, 19% do it on the basis of the star rating of the hotel.

The survey was conducted on OneTwoTrip social networks. 1370 people took part in it.

The Russians were told in which cities it is most difficult to choose hotels