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A figure skater from the United States put Valieva as an example of Biles with legal doping

The bronze medalist of the Sochi Games in the team competition, American figure skater Ashley Wagner, commenting on the situation with the Russian Kamila Valieva on Twitter, called the four-time Olympic champion gymnast Simone Biles, who received a therapeutic authorization for illegal drugs (TUE), a “great example”.

“Great example! Simona went the right way with medication and received a TUE so she could compete legally,” she wrote.

Wagner said Valieva was responsible for the positive test.

“My first test was at 13. From a very young age, you are taught that you are responsible for what goes into your body. Even if someone gives you something and tells you to take it, you have to be 100% sure it's legal for your sport. Now we've set a precedent where age can help get off the hook. At the same time, I will repeat again: Camila is in an extremely vulnerable position, ”wrote Wagner.

Gymnast Biles after a breakdown at the Olympics got on the cover of Time magazine Others In 2016, hackers from Fancy Bear published Biles' analysis data. So, she passed a doping test, where the psychostimulant methylphenidate was found, and also took amphetamines, for which she had a TUE. The athlete explained the reception of psychostimulants by the diagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

At the Tokyo Games in August 2021, Biles withdrew from the team tournament due to psychological problems, refused to participate in the individual all-around, as well as in competitions in three separate events. The gymnast returned only to exercises on the balance beam, where she eventually won bronze. In addition, in Tokyo, she won silver in the team all-around.

Trimetazidine was found in a doping test of 15-year-old Valieva, who was taken at the end of December at the Russian Championship. According to RBC Sport sources, we are talking about a small number. Subsequent doping tests of the Russian woman, as reported by the Russian Olympic Committee, were clean.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), taking into account the status of a minor as a “protected person” and the timing of the publication of the results of a doping test, already during the Olympics, allowed the athlete to continue performing in Beijing.

In this regard, the IOC announced that if Valieva gets into the prize-winners of individual competitions, she will not hold an awards ceremony. Medals will be awarded after the doping trial is completed.

A figure skater from the United States put Valieva as an example of Biles with legal doping