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Reaching the finals in hockey and bronze in freestyle. Results of the 15th day of the Olympiad

Olympic medal standings

The Russian team has not left the ninth place in the overall standings for the fourth day in a row.

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Russia to play in the final

The Russian team defeated the Swedish team in the semi-finals of the hockey tournament. The main and additional time of the meeting took place in an equal fight and ended in a draw 1:1. In a series of post-match shots, the Russians made one attempt more and on Sunday they will play in the decisive match of the second Olympiad in a row.

Russia's opponent in the final is Finland, which won all five matches in Beijing.

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Bronze in freestyle

Russian freestyler Sergei Ridzik repeated the result of Pyeongchang in ski-cross and took bronze at the Beijing Olympics, although he was not among the main favorites.

Gold was won by the main contender for the first place - the Swiss Ryan Regez. Silver was taken by his compatriot Alex Fiva.

Igor Omelin could not overcome the barrier of the quarterfinals. Kirill Sysoev took off at 1/8.

Which of the Russians won the medal of the 2022 Olympics. Photo report Olympics 2022

Pairs rental in figure skating

The figure skating competitions are coming to an end. On Friday, the couples skated the short program.

It was expected that the fight for gold would unfold between the pairs of Sui Wenjing and Han Cong - Anastasia Mishina and Alexander Gallyamov. However, these Russians are still third. The closest pursuers of the Chinese were Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov.

On Friday, a free program will be held, following which the awards will be distributed. In the short program, the pairs competing for medals showed the following results:

Wenjing / Cong - 84.41 points;

Tarasova / Morozov - 84.25;

Mishina / Gallyamov - 82.76;

Alexandra Boykova / Dmitry Kozlovsky - 78.59.

The Olympic champion named contenders for gold in pair skating at the 2022 Olympics climb the podium.

Reztsova is the only Russian woman to win an award in individual starts at the World Cup this season. She won the bronze in the fourth event in the mass start. In the offset of this discipline Reztsova is the second. Therefore, on Friday in the race from the general start, one could expect success from her.

Reztsova again became the first of the Russians. And she showed her best result in Beijing. But this was not enough for a medal - fifth place. The mass start took place in difficult weather conditions. And Reztsova shot worse than her competitors: six misses against four for everyone who is higher.

The first place was taken by the Frenchwoman Justine Brezat-Boucher. Norwegians Tiril Eckhoff and Marte Olsbu-Royseland are in second and third positions. The latter won medals in five of the six races of the Olympics - three gold and two bronze - the best result for women.

Two more Russians Uliana Nigmatullina (six misses) and Irina Kazakevich (seven misses) finished in 17th and 20th positions.

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Biathlonists' failure

Russian biathletes failed to compete for medals in the last Olympic race, the mass start. First of all, they failed shooting. Alexander Loginov and Eduard Latypov made seven misses each, Maxim Tsvetkov - six. Their final places are 15th, 19th and 20th out of 30 participants.

The fourth gold in Beijing was won by the Norwegian Johannes Be. He also has one bronze medal. He is the most successful biathlete of the current Olympics. Swede Martin Ponsiluoma finished second, and Vetle Shostad Kristiansen from Norway finished third.

Be's gold was Norway's 15th at the current Games. This is a new record for the number of awards of the highest standard for a particular country at one Olympics. The previous achievement was set by Canada in Vancouver (14 gold awards). It was then repeated by Germany and Norway in Pyeongchang.

Quentin Fillon Maillet could have won medals in all six biathlon disciplines at one Olympics, but made three misses at the last firing line and was only fourth in the mass start. In total, in Beijing, the Frenchman has two gold and three silver.

Shipulin called the performance of Russian biathletes at the Olympics 2022 Olympics successful

No medals in skating

The Dutch speed skater Thomas Krol confirmed his status as the main contender for gold in the men's 1000m race. He overcame the distance with a result of 1:07.92. Second place went to Canadian Laurent Dubreuil (+0.40), third place went to Norwegian Hovar Laurentsen (+0.56).

Russians Viktor Mushtakov (+0.82) and Pavel Kulizhnikov (+0.95) took eighth and 11th places.

Five-time world champion Kulizhnikov ran only one discipline in Beijing. After the end of the 1000 m competition, he said that he had been ill with a coronavirus before the Olympics.

Reaching the finals in hockey and bronze in freestyle. Results of the 15th day of the Olympiad