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UFC fighter injures himself with a chainsaw

UFC fighter Eric Anders injured his leg with a chainsaw during domestic work, according to "Championship".

"I was chopping down trees and the chainsaw jumped and landed on my foot. It's crazy that I'm doing yard work and gardening in my backyard, wearing steel-toed boots. But that day I picked up a chainsaw and decided it was just going to be a small pruning, so I had tennis shoes on. I even looked at the shoes when I got to work. I cut two trees, and when I climbed a third, the blade just got stuck.

I held the saw with one hand and lifted the tree with the other, thinking it would just go right through, but it didn't. After that, the chainsaw slipped and just fell on my leg," Anders is quoted as saying by MMAFighting.

Anders spent 13 fights in the UFC, in which he won six victories. He ended one fight in a draw and lost in six. He last competed at UFC 269 in December, where he lost to Andre Muniz.

UFC fighter injures himself with a chainsaw