Angela Merkel refuses to work at the UN

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel has received her first job offer since her retirement. UN Secretary General António Guterres has offered the veteran German politician an advisory role in a major international organization, dpa reported. True, she rejected it without much thought.

The secretary general wanted Merkel to chair a High-Level Advisory Council on Global Public Goods. He deals with a variety of issues - from the fight against ozone holes to the drafting of safety rules for air travel and trade. Merkel's bureau confirmed that she called Mr. Guterres and thanked him for his trust. But she refused to work for the UN. So the intrigue about her future remains. Since Frau Merkel stepped down on December 8, nothing has been heard about Germany's most powerful woman for the past 16 years. She herself assured that in her life "there will be no politics." The first months of retirement, 67-year-old Merkel was going to sleep and read books, and only then "think up something." The ex-chancellor confirmed that she would alternately live in Berlin, where she and her husband Joachim Sauer live in an ordinary apartment building, and in a summer house in the East German Uckermark. As Deutsche Welle wrote, there Merkel enjoys the views of the lakes, weeds the beds and prepares her specialties - potato soup and plum cake with powder. "However, the role of the average pensioner is clearly not for her," admits the magazine Stadlpost.

Merkur recalls that Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schroeder, after leaving, "used political connections to make money in a free market." However, for this, the federal chancellery must confirm that the new position "will not conflict with the interests of society." In case of doubt, an 18-month moratorium may be imposed on the employment of the ex-chancellor. Interlocutors in Berlin do not rule out that if professor Sauer, a specialist in quantum chemistry, moves to work in the United States, Merkel could follow her husband, devoting herself to lecturing or consulting.

While Merkel enjoys lake views, gardening and cooking her specialties

In the meantime, the Germans are sweeping off the bookshelves detective David Safie "Miss Merkel: Murder in the Uckermark" - with a clear allusion to the famous Miss Marple. The writer fantasized about how Frau Merkel takes on the investigation of a murder in her village in the former East Germany. In the spring, readers are waiting for the sequel to "Miss Merkel: Murder in the Cemetery."

Angela Merkel refuses to work at the UN