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Moldova - PCRM and Shor protested outside the US embassy

Moldova (, - Protests are held in front of the US Embassy in Moldova for the second day in a row. This time members of Shor and PCRM parties came to the doors of the institution together with their supporters. The demonstrators brought posters with anti-government messages. In her address, communist MP Diana Karaman made a number of accusations against the ruling party, reports

“Over the past year, the PAS government has triggered a record number of crises. Because of them, gas, electricity and products have risen in price," the deputy said.

“We have come to declare again the political persecution of the opposition and the illegal detention of Marina Tauber. Today we call on you to state your position and explain to the ruling party that they cannot create a dictatorial regime,” Vadim Fotescu, an MP from the Shor Party, said.

It should be reminded that yesterday, on August 29, a group of young people held a rally near the Embassy of the United States of America in Chisinau. The activists were wearing T-shirts with photographs of Igor Dodon, Alexander Stoianoglo and Marina Tauber printed on them. Young people demanded to stop the political persecution of the opposition.

Moldova - PCRM and Shor protested outside the US embassy